first_imgIndianaLocalSouth Bend Market WhatsApp TAGSAmerican Beef Packersbeefbeef sirloinsbeef tenderloinFood Safety and Inspection Servicerawrecallunfitusda WhatsApp Twitter Facebook Facebook More than 24,000 pounds of beef recalled, ruled “unfit for consumption” (95.3 MNC) The USDA has ordered a recall for more than 24,000 pounds of raw beef that has been ruled “unfit for human consumption.”The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service says the recall is for beef that was released and processed by American Beef Packers, Inc. on August 21st. The issue is the beef products, which include boneless beef sirloins, beef tenderloin, and ribeye, were released before test results were received.While there have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to the product, consumers are urged not to eat them. The products should be thrown away or returned.A full list of the recalled items are as follows:Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF CHUCKS” with LOT NO.110 and BIN No. 85 and BIN No. 86.Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 110 and BIN No. 81, BIN No. 82 and BIN No. 83.Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 25-110 and BIN No. 84 and LOT NO 110 and BIN No. 88.Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 8/10 #1” with codes BT190821-1178, BT190821-1185, BT190821-1188, BT190821-1190, and BT190821-1194.66.2-lb. case containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP #1” with code BT190821-1186.Bulk pack combo bin containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF SIRLOINS” with LOT NO. 24-110 and BIN No. 80.Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS TERDERLOIN 4 UP” with codes BT190821-1160, BT190821-1161, BT190821-1162, BT190821-1163, BT190821-1167, BT190821-1168, BT190821-1169, and BT190821-1170.Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP” with codes BT190821-1187 and BT190821-1192.Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS TENDERLOIN 3/4” with codes BT190821-1155, BT190821-1157, BT190821-1171, BT190821-1200, BT190821-1201, BT190821-1202, BT190821-1203, BT190821-1204, and BT190821-1205.50-lb. cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS DESC: BEEF FOR FURTHER PROCESSING 75/25” with lot code 08347412719.center_img Pinterest Google+ By Darrin Wright – September 9, 2019 0 891 Google+ Twitter Previous articleNo injuries in helicopter crash near WalkertonNext articleCommunity forum scheduled on utility’s long-term energy plan Darrin Wright Pinterestlast_img