first_imgThis is not a well-researched article. The idea may be old and totally utopian and impractical. That’s why I opted to include this under “entertainment”! About me, I’m 76 and for the last 17 years, I’m into Jóurnalism. So in my new profession, I’m in my teens. My grandchildren are also in their teens and I am sure the idea I am mooting here will experiment when they grow up.I have always felt that though we (India) took all efforts to have a comprehensive written Constitution once we became independent and took all possible care to put in place an institutional system responsible for upholding the Constitution, the same thing cannot be said about the evolution of the Political System which, in a way, held the reins of Governance.I’ll try to build further on my above statement.When India became independent in 1947, the political leadership was entirely under the control of the Indian National Congress. Justifiably so, as the Freedom Movement was dominated by the leaders of that party. If at all any differences in views about Governance or Legislation surfaced, they were between leaders within the Congress Party.Suffice to say, all through the 15 plus years of Jawaharlal Nehru’s Prime Ministership, it was almost Single Party rule in India.What is the harm?Instead of answering the question, let me make a statement. The rich and the powerful Indians across the world who invested their resources in the freedom movement got their helpers infiltrated into the Indian Political System. Legislation and Law Enforcement were influenced. From fines for small traffic violations to tax system started getting influenced by such influence.Let’s not elaborate.Where do we go from here?Let’s straight come today. All will agree, the pandemic situation in India worsened also because of the relaxations in the discipline during the recent elections. There can be consensus also on the view that there is a conscious effort to divide people into two categories:1) Pro-government and2) Those aspiring for a change in Government: From top to bottom.What is the solution?Experiment with a temporary National GovernmentMy idea of National Government, subject to refinement to conform to ease in Governance is on the following lines:1) Once the results of the current elections are announced and governments are formed, keep in abeyance all elections from Parliament down to Gram Panchayats falling due during the next 5 years to a future date.2) In addition to those who have secured seats in legislatures, allow political parties to nominate additional candidate proportionate to the gross votes secured by them in the last/latest election to the respective houses.3) Constitute All-Party governments/governing bodies at each level with proportionate representation.4) Let Legislatures function normally, debates and voting being allowed on an issue-based basis.Once there’s consensus on the principles/Idea, modalities could be worked out by a High Power Committee comprising representatives of Judiciary, Governments, Election Commission, Political Parties and other stakeholders.last_img