first_imgThe duty of the king of every nation is to take a decision in the interest of the people by discharging their all-self, only and only the interests of the subjects, and taking the subjects of that country as their own. Because the subjects would have a huge contribution in building a nation. The creation of a nation without subjects cannot be imagined. Because when the subjects are no more, then the state will be ruled over. That is why the problem and the interests of the subjects are common in the creation of any country. The person occupying this position is like the father of the whole people.But in modernity, forgetting the interests of some king or president, and settling on this respected post, consider it to be the religion to enjoy the pleasures of this post. Is there a king’s religion? May be greater than the subjects of that country. Or it may be that the king at high position is not worthy of that position. He has been enshrined in that post due to some political reasons. Whatever be the reason, if you are unable to follow your religion and if you are unable to perform your religion, then you should maintain your dignity by giving your resignation. And right here is true religion. False promises do not suit the king of a nation. This is deceit with the subjects, and that person is nothing more than the fascination of his position.So such a fortune maker can benefit a country because a king is the luck maker of that country. And whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the people alone? After all, what was the need, which we chose a regime which is not able to support us in difficult circumstances? Somewhere there was no greed in our mind, caste, religion or anything else. It is a very strange but important question. If possible, then you must ask yourself once. Where did the mistake go? And next time choose your ruler thoughtfully. The first duty of the people is to elect a good and efficient ruler.last_img