first_imgGave a book to Vikas and said that this book has an account of the whole truth of life and all our sins. It teaches the basic sources of life and the meaning of living many lives. This book was very special.Where does it go when the British ruled our country? He found his possessions on humans, and he traded a lot of wealth and many minerals. But he could never personify humanity and love. You can loot our property from us, everything else is our thought, which does not change by enslaving someone or not.One true British memory was that, the British called the gold bird, made this India out of Shukla. But from the inside he is still strong today. The English could not understand and could not. Because it should be known when the country was going to be free. The only thing he could never imitate was true in his life. That “Shri Krishna Bhagwat could not follow the Gita”.But the British had left some light on those illiterate people of India, on one side the country was moving fast. There was no coming down from Mysore. And here some of the people of our country should still try to adopt the corresponding of the western countries and the people of the same western countries were living our culture in their lives with the essence of life.This Moral Story simply means that we should face the things that make us happy. Jai Shri Krishna Jai ​​Shri Ram! Development of 8 years I was learning a lot at the young age of my childhood. Wanted to learn more. His grandfather favored him. Then Vikas along with his grandfather started feeding granules to pigeons. It was a beautiful sight.“By the way grandfather was 55 years old” He was married and had more responsibilities. One evening the sun was hiding behind the mountains,It was getting dark and I was “Vikas” and my grandfather Kali Pad Mukherjee. I often visited the temple in the evening with Grandpa. Grandpa took me fingers and took me to the temple, and tells me about the history of how the village was made here. How people settled and how our ancestors lived their lives.Every day my grandfather had some food grains near a temple where some pigeons used to come. Grandpa used to feed those pigeons daily. I would look and ask them. What happens with doing this, why do you come here every day, and feed these pigeons.Dada Ji very simply said a very sweet thing, I have come here to do a lifetime investment so that in the life to come, I will get happiness, prosperity and S. So I come here daily from the temple, this is the law of nature and we These rules should be followed.center_img Gradually life started changing and people started changing. An age came when your confidence will become your biggest weapon. And on that day you will get all the contribution of your life in some form or the other.After many years, where did Dadji still get the development? Now he had grown up, was studying in college. It was very smart. My grandson Vikas was sure to have an attachment and some bonding with him, and some had become inferior. .last_img