first_imgI remember the soft touch of my daughter’s small plump hand. I still can feel the sensation my nerves felt when I tried to help scribble her first try at letters. Sitting beside her I tried to hold her tender hand with just the right pressure to help her hold the long new sharpened pencil beautifully posited on an immaculately clean and shining fresh page of a newly bought copy.The pleasure savoured in enjoying the way she was learning her very first lessons still numbs my heart today. I remember she held the pencil for some time looking more at me than the paper. And I tried to help her draw a circle. The easiest she may can. But she wanted to roam out of the rules, the boundaries we set for writing. The length, twist or curves. Nothing she wanted to follow and so she snatched the pencil from my hand and ruined the whole paper with squiggles and wavy lines light and dark wherever she felt like. And seeing her masterstrokes I laughed and so did she. And I didn’t waste a second to place a million kisses on her tender rosy cheeks.I really wondered that day how will my two-year-old daughter learn to write or read her future heavy lessons. It really twitched my heart to believe how very difficult it would be for her or maybe for all kids out there.My daughter is twelve now. And coming back from school today she was jumping with impounding energy. Ma, we are selected she said raising her eyebrows in pride. Our science project on Solar charging of EV vehicles was so very good. Everyone really appreciated and our science teacher, Bhasha mam announced, that our topic and knowledge was just perfect. Smitten by her happiness and energy my face shined and I extended her a warm congratulation, holding the same soft hand. Now much more confident, independent and strong.I now feel it was frivolous for me to think and worry then and maybe now if I again think, how will my daughter manage the future challenges of life. Or how she may place herself happy in this world. But then it is only the thought of faith that we should keep ourself tied to and just feel free to enjoy the life as it comes because there is a force hidden yet powerful which is working all the time bit by bit subtly in all its perfection to let help the life evolve. We have no role to play in all the changes surrounding us. Like the rising of the sun, twinkling of stars, buzzing of bees, blooming of flowers, speed of the river, our evolution or what comes on us in future. The hidden force somehow does it all for us. The only we may do is to work happily and live fully and leave the rest. Life is not that serious to be taken so very seriously.last_img