first_imgSoccer BY SABRINA GALATAU and GAILE KIVALI Raymond Gunemba and Nigel Dabinyaba of Lae City FC have signed up with the Hekari United FC as free agent players, says franchise club owner of Hekari United FC, Vonnie Kapi Natto. “The two players were taken into the team as free agent players because for the period of five months both players were not subjected to any club,” she said. Kapi Natto added that Raymond and Nigel didn’t have their names written on the Master List provided by the Lae City FC, which is why they were both seen as free agent players. She added that if they were subjected to a club and she decided to recruit them into Hekari United then she was at fault. “Our job as club managers is to protect the players’ rights and give them the freedom to play football where we let the players make their own decisions. At a press conference in Port Moresby yesterday, Gunemba said: “We decided to follow the former coach Peter Gunemba out of the club. “A week later, we wrote to the club owner Ian Chow to return, but he told us that that was not possible and we were told that we were terminated. “That is why we were seen as free agents for the remainder of the five months until we were accepted by Hekari United,” Raymond said. On the other hand, Dabinyaba added that it was unfair to have players terminated and later stating in media the opposite. He added that he is yet to fix his phone to retrieve the email he had sent to the Lae City FC management urging for reconciliation. Kapi Natto said there was no need for her to write to Lae City FC for a transfer because the two were free agents. However, she added that Raymond has great leadership qualities that were identified when he was with the club in the past. “Thus having them back is still a bonus for the club and they are confident that they will be seeing a lot of wins with the two boys onboard,” she said.last_img