first_imgHUBER+SUHNER one of the leaders in RF/MW connectivity solutions will be showcasing a range of new products at the IMS 2016 in San Francisco, 22-27 May 2016. The products on display at the booth will include the SUCOFLEX 500V VNA test assemblies, Microbend L, SUCOFLEX 126 and its RF/GPS/LAN-over-Fiber Series, which combine Radio Frequency and Fiber Optics in one system.The company will demonstrate the new SUCOFLEX 500V, a VNA test assembly providing for highest measurement accuracy with outstanding phase and amplitude stability. The new SUCOFLEX 500V series exceeds current industry standards for VNAs. The quality and stability versus temperature and flexure of the SUCOFLEX 500V will be shown at the booth by placing the assemblies on a bending machine and taking measurements on a network analyzer.The SUCOFLEX 126 is a multi-functional cable assembly which uses a revolutionary and patented swaging technology. This enhanced cable design provides excellent electrical stability and return loss combined with low loss.HUBER+SUHNER Eacon field-terminated microwave cables are lightweight, robust and suitable for frequencies up to 18 GHz. Depending on the cable type it can handle up to 1.58 kW at 1 GHz and 373 W at 18 GHz. The successful HUBER+SUHNER Minibend series has been extended with Microbend L, the best loss performance for a small form factor cabling solution. Microbend L provides superior flexibility paired with the unique bend-to-end feature. Both of these technologies will be on display at IMS 2016.They will also demonstrate their RF-over-Fiber System. As market-leader in both Radio Frequency and Fiber Optics technologies, HUBER+SUHNER combined its expertise to offer a robust system-level approach useful in a variety of applications including vehicular, shelter, aircraft, maritime, and satellite communication. After launching its first RF-over-Fiber solution in early 2015, HUBER+SUHNER has developed a comprehensive portfolio covering a wide range of requirements, like the fully configurable RF-over-Fiber solution from 1 MHz to 20 GHz for simplex & duplex systems, or the GPS-over-Fiber system for L1 and L2 bands, multiport receivers for 1PPS and 10 MHz, or the LAN-over-Fiber “Field LAN” ruggedized Gigabit connectivity for up to 20 km per link.As a founding member of the RF Energy Alliance (RFEA) HUBER+SUHNER will host Dr. Klaus Werner at its booth on 24 May 2016 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Dr. Werner is the Alliance’s chairman and will answer any questions regarding the goals of the Alliance and the work that is being done. The RF Energy Alliance is dedicated to the evolution of solid-state RF energy applications and the immense market opportunities. Solid-state RF energy is a clean, highly efficient, controllable heat and power source that is transforming consumer, commercial and industrial applications alike.HUBER+SUHNER has a wealth of experience in the development and production of best in class RF and microwave products for the global market, with an extremely comprehensive product portfolio that meets the different requirements of data and energy transmission components in the communication, industrial and transport sectors.Stop by Booth 846 in San Francisco to learn more.See the complete IMS 2016 Coverage on everything RF.last_img