first_img Share Sharing is caring! Tweet 12 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img Share LocalNews NYC media team urged to highlight youth positivity by: – January 29, 2014 Minister of Information, Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment Ambrose GeorgeThe National Youth Council of Dominica’s (NYCD) media team has been challenged to showcase more of the positive things that young people are involved in.The Council launched a 28-member media team on Monday, January 27 whose responsibility is to heighten the public’s awareness of the ongoing activities, challenges and ideas of Dominica’s youth, among other responsibilities. Minister of Information, Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment Ambrose George who noted that the team’s launching represents a very bright future for the youth of Dominica.He said Dominica’s youth are doing more positive things than negative and therefore challenged the media team to highlight this.“I believe that with this launching of the media team we can use that opportunity to showcase in a more meaningful and positive way the work of the youth because the perception out there is that our youth are delinquent, they are involved in disorder and things that are not good”.Mr George explained that the public might have formed that perception of the country’s youth because of what is highlighted in the media. The Council launched a 28-member media team on Monday, January 27“The reason for that is that this is what people are hearing and seeing the most and they are not really seeing the positive side of our youth in Dominica”.He said, through the use of the social media, the media generally and the NYCD organization, “we can change that mindset, we can change that perception and the positive things can outweigh the few bad things that our youth are engaged in”.Mr George also acknowledged that the development of our human capital, especially the youth is very important and the media is “a very good means of engaging our youth and really assisting them in their own personal development”.Moreover, Mr George promised the media team to assist them in participating in media trainings available to the Dominica Government through the People’s Republic of China.“Sometimes twice a year we’re given the opportunity to go to Beijing or other providences in China to do some training whether in video, whether it’s TV, whether it’s broadcasting and other forms of media”.“I think that you should seize every opportunity and in fact I will insist that whenever the documentation comes to the Ministry that it is passed on to the National Youth Council so that you can participate,” Mr George said.He noted further that the media team is a very important initiative which he hopes will allow for more collaboration and coordination of the activities being undertaken by the youth of Dominica.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img