first_imgOne of China’s most impressive creations is the bullet train. People love the speed and ease of travel that the trains offer. But not everyone has always been as pleased with the food served. Now that’s changing. Restaurants are delivering meals right to passengers’ seats — fast food on a really fast train.CGTN’s Jane Kiyo and Han Peng report.It’s one of China’s latest technological achievements …The Fuxing bullet train, travelling at 350km/hr — making the Beijing-Shanghai trip shorter, more comfortable, and now, tastier.With the touch of a button – passengers can order their food from the cities they will pass through and the food will be delivered to their seats.The service by the China Railway Corporation was launched several months ago –Orders though have to be placed at least 1hr in advance.“It’s simple you only need to open the China train booking app….there are several options to choose from —today we’ll make our order from the Nanjing station- it’s on our way and one of the most popular meals is the Nanjing duck.My colleague Han Peng is at the Nanjing station following the preparation and delivery process.The moment Jane made the order; the clock began ticking at this restaurant near the Nanjing railway station“Now it’s just 60 minutes left before bringing the food to passengers – They are literally racing against the world’s fastest train.” Han PengAnd it’s a relay race. The restaurant’s kitchen is the first runner.“This place used to be our dining area, but we transformed it into a central kitchen. Although we got rid of several tables, we believe we can make more sales by getting a lot more tables on the trains.” Zhu Pu, restaurant sales manager says.Then their couriers carry the food to the railway station, where all of the local orders gather before the last mile delivery.All the meals arrive packed in different cases according to the restaurants, and they get redistributed into cases according to the train numbers. By the way, now its 35 minutes left.In the Nanjing South railway station, the train only stops for two minutes.5 minutes for re-packaging, and then it’s time for delivery folks like Luo Deyou to run.He’s the last in the relay — bringing the food from the train station to the platform.Each day, he runs the same journey at least 20 times.Good news for him: The train has not arrived as he reaches the ticket checking entry.Moving in from a special corridor, we arrive at the platform, a few minutes before the train.“The train waits for no one. If we are late by even one minute, it means passengers will miss the meal. And we must pay the money back. So time is money,” Luo Deyou, food deliveryman said.But Deyou says even if the passengers get a refund, it’s still not a pleasant experience — missing a meal they’ve waited an hour for.He gives all the orders to the train attendants, who later bring the food to passengers, including Jane.No time for greetings, before the train roars on towards Shanghai.Jane: My colleague Han Peng has the honour to bring the food to me. Thank you.Han Peng: You are welcome.Jane: You were behind the scenes, what was that like?Han Peng: It was exhausting. We could barely follow the system, as it moves too fast and too efficient.Jane: There is no doubt about the growing popularity of the food delivery service. My duck is still warm. Let’s get to enjoy it.last_img