first_imgYesterday, the three-day 3rd Family Accommodation Forum ended in Zadar, which brought together hosts in family accommodation from all over Croatia. Various constructive topics and discussions have been opened which we will analyze and discuss in detail over the coming weeks, as well as take proactive action to change things for the better for all the hosts in the family accommodation.The future of Croatian family accommodation is currently at a turning point, said Nedo Pinezić, president of the Family Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, adding that according to the guidelines for the development of private accommodation by 2020, the share of accommodation in private accommodation is reduced to 39 percent. “We must not allow that, because the share of the gray market in private accommodation would increase. In addition, people would be discouraged from legally engaging in this business thus losing a large share of the market. We think that’s not good. Family accommodation is extremely well rated outside the Croatian borders. The quality of family accommodation is also recognized by our guests, so they return to family accommodation in Croatia. It should be emphasized that the largest increase in tourist traffic is recorded in family accommodation. Tenants in family accommodation have become a subject, not an object, and will have the opportunity to talk to the relevant ministry about all the needs and problems that afflict them. The role of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in this is really great, because without such support from micro-entrepreneurs we would not have achieved such results.”, Pinezic pointed out.Photo: HGKAt this year’s FOS, several important topics were singled out, from HRT subscription, monument rent, payment of ZAMP, utility fees, as well as issues related to recategorization, ie new standardization of family accommodation. “This is a very broad topic that we want to discuss with the Ministry of Tourism. This topic should be taken in two directions, one of which is the minimum technical requirements, and the other branding of the original Croatian household, which is extremely important for us in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce through cooperation with other departments, especially in the wood industry and industry in general. We want to place domestic products in the furnishing of family accommodation that will be branded as an original Croatian household. Standards need to be introduced in private accommodation in terms of digital equipment and networking. At least 50 percent of the total investment should be allocated for the development of digital equipment of the original Croatian household. Owners of the original Croatian household should have at their disposal favorable credit lines that will enable them to do so”, Pinezić pointed out and added that today we are talking about labeling, branding, favoring the guest and all his needs, which he expresses with his lifestyle and way of spending free time.It’s not the phone line that matters, but wi-fi, free Internet, it’s not the gold sink that matters but the bike storage. It is not important that the bathroom has 50 square meters, but it is important that you receive the guest and his pet – Nedo PinezicHe added that one of the current topics at this year’s FOS was parafiscal levies – how they are created, how they are formed and what renters in the family household pay. “We want to have feedback and be partners in changing parafiscal levies, especially utility fees, monument rents, payments to ZAMP, etc. It is a whole package of parafiscal levies that oppresses us as citizens and as entrepreneurs”, Said Pinezić, adding that Croatia is one of the most exemplary countries in Europe in terms of the organization of family accommodation, and the efforts of the Family Accommodation Association, which operates at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, certainly contribute to this. In the future, they will invite members of parliament to all family accommodation forums and inform them about proposals to amend certain laws that oppress family accommodation owners.Also, FOS discussed the fact that Croatian family accommodation is among the top five in Europe and is an example of good practice for all European countries. Thus, the Secretary General of the European Association of Holiday Home Owners (EHHA) Carlos Villaro Lassen praised the Croatian family accommodation and invited Croatia to join EHHA. “It is very important to connect family accommodation owners, companies and various associations, such as trade associations. Modern tourists want comfort in private accommodation, such as swimming pools and spa treatments. In Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom, this is regulated by the rule that private renters should have swimming pools in their apartments and other forms of accommodation.”, Emphasized Villaro Lassen.Source / Photo: HGK, HrTurizam.hrlast_img